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General information (FAQ)

What is BBTimer?
BBTimer is a simple RTC (real time clock) application running on an ATMEL ATMega48. The purpose of the thing is to help out when playing the Games Workshop game Blood Bowl.

It's kind of like a chess clock but with different features to make it fit better for Blood Bowl.

It keep tracks of two players and does the following:

  • Keeps track of the turn timer (4 minutes) and displays the current time on an LCD screen
  • Makes an audible beep when the 4 minutes are up
  • Keeps track of the current turn nr for each player and shows it on the LCD screen
  • Makes an audible beep (different from the turn timer beep) when the half/game is over
  • Shows which player is currently active (using LEDs)
  • Has the abillity to pause the timer
  • Is battery-powered to make it portable

Why is BBTimer?
Using a normal stop watch is less fun than creating and using my own stuff :-)

Anything else?
You are fully responsible for any and all actions you take using information and/or code or hardware from this site. Basically: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


I've only got a lousy picture I took with my phone, showing the front of the device.


The zip file(s) contains a schematic of the hardware and source code for the firmware.


BBTimer is released under the MIT License.

/Olof Holmgren [olof@fulhack.org]

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