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!! Note: This project is no longer being maintained !!

General information (FAQ)

What is Boxster?
Boxster is a DIY HID-compliant USB gamepad. It supports up to 18 buttons and is fully plug-and-play - no drivers needed.

Why is Boxster?
I found some button boxes over at Derek Speares homepage and thought it would be nice to build my own instead.

Under which operating systems does it work?
It's only been tested under Windows 7, but it should work with any windows from Windows 98 second edition an forward. Linux and Mac hasn't been tested.

How do I install Boxster?
It's fully plug-and-play so all you have to do is plug it into a USB port and it should install itself.

Boxster uses a VID that is free for educational use only. Do NOT use this VID for anything that might get out of your lab.

You should consider getting your own VID/PID pair. You can get one at low cost by getting a commercial v-usb license from Objective Development.

Are there any shortcuts than can be taken if I don't want to solder this much?
It's not really that much to solder, but you could also have a look at the AtmegaUsb hardware board I made if you really want to.

Anything else?
You are fully responsible for any and all actions you take using information and/or code or hardware from this site. Basically: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


  • Schematic
    A PNG of the Schematic.
  • Lid with 1 button
    The box for Boxster with holes drilled and one button assembled.
  • Board and Lid
    The Boxster circuit board and the backside of the lid with buttons.
  • ButtonWires
    The Boxster circuit board with wires for the buttons soldered onto it.
  • Solderpoints
    Backside of the Boxster circuit board with all solder points.
  • Board and Lid Connected
    The Boxster circiut board with all wires attached to the buttons in the lid.
  • Boxster opened
    Boxster complete with lid opened.
  • Boxster internals
    Boxster complete with lid opened with a better shot of the internals.
  • Boxster complete
    Boxster complete in all its glory :-).
    The zip tie is only there to secure the lid. I might get around to making a better-looking solution for that at some point :-)
  • Boxster complete USB
    Boxster complete in all its glory with USB connected.
  • Windows 7 Properties page
    Screenshot from Windows 7 showing the Boxster properties page.


The zip file(s) contains a schematic of the hardware and source code for the firmware.

Note that while this all seems to be working it has certainly NOT been thouroghly tested. It might or it might not work for you. Consider yourself warned.


Boxster is released under the GPLv2.

Boxster uses v-usb from Objective Development as USB driver. This driver is released under its own license and has a license file of its own included in the download.

/Olof Holmgren [olof@fulhack.org]

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