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Not So Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fotofix?
Fotofix is a bash script that gives you a quick'n'easy way to keep track of your digital photos. The emphasis of this script is to allow you to build your albums fast and without hassle and still produce well-designed albums in pure, clean html.

Why is Fotofix?
Fotofix exists because the only album generators I could find were either far too complicated to use, required installation and/or compilation, generated too ugly and/or complicated web pages (i'm a minimalistic guy!) or web pages in something other than pure html (such as PHP) that requires you to have a web server to view them. Or they simply weren't powerfull enough to be of any use to me.

Fotofix resolves all of these issues, so you just might like it :)

It is also supposed to be able to handle pretty large collections of photos.

How do I use Fotofix?
1) Organize your photos by putting them in folders.
2) Put all of the folders you want to "get connected" into one top-level folder.
3) Run the script on that top-level folder
4) Wait
5) Enjoy :)

What else do I need?
Fotofix relyes on ImageMagick to do the image scaling so in order to use the script you will have to have that installed.

Fotofix v2.3 and newer works with ImageMagick 2.3.4 but might be broken for earlier versions of ImageMagick.

Fotofix v2.2 works with ImageMagick older than 2.3.4 but is broken for 2.3.4.

That's pretty much it. Except for Bash, of course :)


You can look at a (small) demo album, if you want to. It is created with the standard configuration, which is, in fact, my configuration.

You can change the look-and-feel yourself by simply editing some variables in the top of the script.



This piece of software is distributed under the MIT License.

/Olof Holmgren [olof@fulhack.org]

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