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General information (FAQ)

What is iAppStarter?
It's a utillity program that starts other applications whenever iRacing is started. It can also close the applications it has opened when iRacing is closed. It's written in C# and running on Microsoft .NET 4.0.

Why is iAppStarter?
I've got some programs that I want to run when I iRace. Examples of such software are the M-spec shiftlight software (or my own much improved driver for said shiftlight) and iSpeed. Often when racing I will forget to start these programs so I wrote this app to remember it for me :-)

Under which operating systems does it run?
Windows, and it requires .NET 4.0. (or 4.5 for v2016-04-04 and newer)

How do I install iAppStarter?
Just unpack the files and run the .exe.

Will it auto-start when Windows starts?
No, but if you want it to just add a shortcut to it in the Windows startup folder.
Here's how to do it under Windows10.
Under the other Windows versions you should find the startup folder in your start menu.

I found a bug/Want a new feature!
Feel free to e-mail me about it (olof@fulhack.org) and we'll see what can be done!


There's just the one:

iAppStarter Screenshot

Let me explain it a bit:

  • You add new rows for programs to start by pressing the "Add new row" button at the top
  • In order to then choose which programs to start, press the "Browse..." buttons
  • If you want to supply start arguments to the programs you can do so be entering them into the "Arguments" column.
  • If you want the program to be closed whenever iRacing is exited again, check the checkbox in the "AutoClose" column. If this checkbox is not checked, the program will remain open when iRacing is closed.
  • The column "Start" can be used to start an individual program through iAppStarter. Usefull for testing arguments for individual programs.
  • The button "Test starting apps" can be used to make iAppStarter start all the programs without iRacing being started. Good for testing purposes.
  • The button "Test closing apps" can be used to make iAppStarter close all the programs where the "AutoClose" column checkbox has been checked without having to start and then exit iRacing. Good for testing purposes.
  • There is also a new column "Enabled" (not shown in the old screenshot above) that you can use to enable/disable certain rows without removing them completely

There are some more nifty features built into this as well, but I think this should be enough of an explanation to get you started :-)

As of v2016-04-04 all started apps will be started in minimized mode without focus. The reason for this is as a work-around for changed iRacing behaviour - starting apps the "normal" way causes the screen to go black for a moment for each started app, which is annoying.

If you want to go back to having the apps started non-minimized you can uncheck the "File-->Start apps minimized" checkbox.


Want to know what changed when? See Changelog.txt!



Not at this time. The code is really not all that and I'm not sure I want people to see it in the current state :-)


iAppStarter is released under the MIT License.

/Olof Holmgren [olof@fulhack.org]

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