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General info

What is OHTerm?
It's a terminal program implementing some key features I felt was really missing in other terminal programs in my day job as an embedded systems software engineer/programmer.

Since I wrote OHTerm specifically for myself to use at work it is tailored towards my own usage patterns, but I did make it really configurable in order to turn it into more of a general-purpose terminal.

Note that it has support for serial port (RS232/UART) communication ONLY. There is no support for other protocols (such as SSH).

The "special" features I wanted are mainly these:

  • Ability to have many terminal sessions open inside one "main" window.
  • Ability to name and display these terminal sessions (to keep track of which COM port is talking to which system)
  • The position and all other settings of each terminal window is stored when closing and re-applied when starting the main application. This leads to me being able to reboot the computer or restart the main application for any reason without having to redo the work of setting everything up again.
  • Ability to apply formatting to the received text with the main purpose being to apply different colors to the text depending on the contents of the received data (see the settings for "Automatic Line Coloring" int the app). This is all configurable.

Are you using any third party libraries?
Yes, I am using the EXCELLENT FastColoredTextBox library written by Pavel Torgashow and released under LGPL3.

Are there any alternatives?
There are plenty, and they are much more proven and tested than OHTerm. My favourite one is probably RealTerm, which is a highly competent terminal containing a lot more features than OHTerm (though missing the specific features listed above).

Anything else?
If you decide to use OHTerm, you do so AT YOUR OWN risk!
I take no responsibility for anything :-)

I have a question/comment!
Feel free to e-mail me about it (olof@fulhack.org) I might just get back to you :-)


There's just the one screenshot showing the main program running two terminal connections with one connection showing the terminal and the other showing some of the available settings.

OHTerm Screenshot




OHTerm is released under the BSD 3-Clause License.

/Olof Holmgren [olof@fulhack.org]

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