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General information (FAQ)

What is VocaTest?
VocaTest is a small and simple vocabulary tester written in C++. It's got a command-line based interface and no GUI. It's really easy to use. Try it and you will see.

Why is VocaTest?
I couldn't find a decent vocabulary tester for Linux when I needed one so I decided to build one myself. It might not look like much but it gets the job done.

Under which operating systems does it run?
It is primarily intended for Linux but the "Special Windows Build" (SWB) runs under Windows. For all other OS:es, please try the (no longer maintained) java version 1.0.

How do I install VocaTest?
If you download the binaries (only available for the SWB), all you have to do is unpack them and you are ready to go. If you download the sources you have to compile everything yourself as usual: ./configure, make, su root, make install

Why do the vocs show up all strange in Windows?
Windows and DOS uses different encodings for 8-bit characters. Since VocaTest runs under DOS this means that a vocfile that you write in windows might not show up correctly when loading it into the program in DOS.

This can be fixed by saving all of your vocfiles in DOS text format, which can be done with (for example) WordPad.


A quick list of the features of VocaTest:

  • It performs tests on so-called vocfiles, which are actually just plain text documents that can easily be edited in any and all text editors.
  • It can create a small sample vocfile (with the buildvoc command) for you to see how to build your own vocfiles. It's really easy. You can look at the vocfile it creates right here, if you want to.
  • It can perform tests on vocfiles in straight order or in random order
  • It can test either from language1 to language2 or from language2 to language1.
  • You can have several meanings of one word, both in lang1 and lang2. (ie word1 = foreign1 foreign2 and similar)
  • You can load several vocfiles into the program (with the append command) and then perform a test on all of the vocfiles at the same time.
  • You can save these several loaded vocfiles as a new large vocfile.
  • Ability to handle very large vocfiles.
  • And more...


See ChangeLog for info about changes. duh.


VocaTest-2.0.tar.gz (2004-09-01)
VocaTest_2.0_SWB_Sources.zip (2004-03-27)
VocaTest_1.0.tar.gz (2003-05-31)
VocaTest_0.3.tar.gz (2003-05-30)


VocaTest_2.0_SWB_Binaries.zip (2004-03-27)


The following documents are also included in the tar.gz, but you can read them right now if you want to.


VocaTest is released under the GPLv2.

/Olof Holmgren [olof@fulhack.org]

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