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General information (FAQ)

What is WorkTimer?
WorkTimer is a simple RTC (real time clock) application running on an ATMEL ATMega48. The purpose of the thing is to work as kind of stop watch, but counting the time worked in industry minutes (one industry minute is 1/10 of an hour == 6 minutes).

Why is WorkTimer?
When trying to determine for my own how long I've worked during a work day, I tend to always round everything down to the nearest 30 minutes, meaning that I end up working for free for at leas 15 minutes or so per day. That adds up! With WorkTimer I can keep better track of my time.

Can I see it?
I've got one picture I took with my phone:

Anything else?
You are fully responsible for any and all actions you take using information and/or code or hardware from this site. Basically: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


The zip file(s) contains a schematic of the hardware and source code for the firmware.


WorkTimer is released under the MIT License.

/Olof Holmgren [olof@fulhack.org]

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